Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison began his legal career on what he considers the wrong side of the transaction. Working for a large foreclosure firm in Chicago, he saw first hand what bad legal advice can lead to for homeowners. Hating the experience of taking away people’s homes, he took the first opportunity he could to begin serving individual clients instead of big banks by joining a small local real estate law office, specializing in helping homeowners in distress.

As a result of working in a small, demanding office environment, Andrew had the opportunity to help hundreds of homeowners prevent foreclosure by short selling their properties before the bank could sweep in and take the home from his clients. He loves directly interacting with clients, and makes himself available to guide them personally through any legal snag that comes their way while selling their home.


However, he recognized that successful small firm practice in Chicago is often a matter of pure personality, rather than proper management. Andrew’s experience with the large firm environment had introduced him to the benefits of a well-managed practice. Accordingly, in 2015, Andrew struck out on his own, developing Harrison property law to merge good management practices with a hands-on accessible approach to client relationships.


Andrew now focuses his practice more broadly, covering the full range of his client’s real estate needs, including investors, single-transaction sellers and buyers, and first-time homebuyers.


Andrew prides himself on being always available to his clients, whether they are buying an affordable first home or negotiating large commercial transactions.